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Monday - Friday: 11am-8pm
Saturday: 11am-1pm
Sunday: Closed


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USA Taekwondo

At Yung Ho Martial Arts Center you are family!
Select from various programs, events and instruction.

We offer something for everyone, self defense classes, martial arts weapons, USA Taekwondo and accept students of all ages.

Training includes . . .

  • daily stretching and cardio workouts
  • kicking, punching and blocking training
  • sparring, for fun and competition
  • self-defense techniques
  • weapons including sword, nunachuk, and staff
  • Breathing control and improved focus
  • Ki-Gong and more . . .

Other benefits of joining our family...

  • meeting individuals and families with common goals
  • camaraderie and friendship
  • personal gratification and challenge

Whatever your personal goal, we are sure you will love the experience at Yung Ho Martial Arts Center.